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About Facial Artistry

Facial Artistry has brought joy and art to kids of all ages since 2010! We strive to provide a safe environment for all of your guests with enhanced sanitary practices and FDA compliant, cosmetic grade products.

face painting for school events

Lead Artist and Owner, Deidre Rosenberger

I started my career in 1994 selling cosmetics and offering makeup application and classes. In 2010, I was the makeup artist for the musical "Carousel" at Petersburg's, Theater In the Park. I was challenged to turn the dancers into carousel horses using only makeup for a dream scene. It was a huge success and that is where my career as a face painter began! 


Deidre is a fantastic artist and very professional! she particpated in a festival that I ran for 4 years and was dearly loved by everyone who visited her booth- she is much more that a little star and rainbow facepainter! She is really a talented person who always delivers a professional product and does it every single time with a kind word and a smile as a bonus!

Sherri Leopold, Springfield, IL


Deidre is such a master at her craft. I highly recommend her. The proof is right on her page documented in photos of a true artist’s passion. You won’t regret connecting with her!



Amy Denney, Springfield, IL

Continuing Education
Realism class by Gretchen Fleener

MAX Convention


Learning how to make realistic paintings with Gretchen Fleener. She is absolutely amazing!

Body art competition 1st place

FPBA Convention

My very first body art challenge. Our team had the privilege to work with Skin Wars star, Dutch Bilhary! We took 1st place! Since then, I have gone on to create my own body designs and get my work published in Skin Marx magazine!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are your rates? We offer a variety of packages. Generally speaking prices start at $126/hour. Please click the 'booking info' button to see everything that we have to offer.

2) How many kids can you paint in an hour? The average artist can paint between 12 and 20 faces/hour.

3) Do I need to provide anything? Your artist will need a small table and 2 chairs set up against a wall in a well lit area. But of course, if you have any problems obtaining these items, please reach out to me at 217-971-0667.

4) What type of payments do you accept? Deposits are paid online via PayPal. Your balance is due upon arrival. Cash or check is preferred, however, if you would like to pay via PayPal, Venmo or CashApp, a 3% fee will be added to your balance total.

5) How do I remove face paints? Use a soap safe for faces. Rub soad with a small amount of water all over face. Wipe your face with an OLD wet wash cloth. NOTE: Face paints will stain clothes. For water resistant paints: Use an oil based makeup remover. Rub all over the face and wipe away with an OLD wash cloth. Repeat as necessary.

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